ICYMI – PlayStation Plus lineup, July 2017

Keeping that hype-train going straight out of E3, Sony continues to smash it out of the ballpark with a superb lineup of PlayStation Plus PS4 games for July 2017. Check out the releases and my thoughts on this month’s titles below 😊

TL: DR – It’s a good month 👍

Until Dawn

Originally released in August 2015, this game put Supermassive Games on the map and set the bar for choice-driven story games.

Until Dawn is an interactive teen-drama survival horror game that puts you at the centre of your own slasher movie. Following 8 high-school students isolated in a mountain lodge, you make the choices and determine who – if anyone – makes it through the night.

Taking the butterfly-effect to the extreme, Until Dawn is at it’s best when building the much-loved tension that old-school horror films thrive upon. Like many decision-driven narratives, players are forced to make very small insignificant decisions, but this time, they actually lead to extremely dire consequences, allowing the game to branch into multiple different paths. Crafting your own story, if you will

A superbly told story, accompanied by fantastic performances and gameplay. This is a must play for any horror fan and PS4 gamer. Now that it’s free with PlayStation Plus, there’s no excuse.

Game of Thrones – A Telltale Series

Telltale is becoming a household name. Their games centre around creating original stories from established franchises; The Walking Dead, Borderlands and more recently, Batman, to name but a few.

Now, they take on the mighty HBO series. Game of Thrones – A Telltale series, puts you in control of the Forrester family – a house with strong ties to the Stark family, north of Westeros.

Taking the familiar look and feel of a Telltale game and adapting it to the much-loved TV series didn’t seem to do the franchise any favours. The aesthetic didn’t seem to work very well and despite having the shows cast from appear in-game and interacting alongside the Forresters, I felt that the story and performances weren’t gripping enough. 

This is a very easy game to pick up and put down. If you’re a fan of either Telltale or Game of Thrones then I think it’s worth jumping in.

That’s You

Well, this is new.

Quietly announced during E3, PlayStation introduced PlayLink. A multiplayer gaming platform that combines smart devices (Phones, Tablets etc) with your PS4. Allowing you to play quiz-style games – similar to Jackbox party games. Cool, huh?

This month, to kick off the range we’re getting That’s You. A party quiz, where you and up to 5 friends answer questions to find out what you really think about each other.

Answering over 1000 funny and revealing questions, taking part in doodle challenges as well as snapping selfies this game is bound to be a boxing day favourite.

These games will go live on the 4th of July, so there’s still time to grab this month’s PS Plus games, that include Killing Floor 2 and Life Is Strange (another must play).

– James


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