Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – Preview Reactions

If you’ve caught any of my streams recently (over on twitch.tv/kingjimplays #shamelessplug) you may have seen me reliving the Uncharted series, arguably, one of PlayStation’s most iconic and renowned franchises to date.

During these let’s plays, the chat has asked me to give my thoughts on Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, the upcoming game following on from Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and seemingly the end of Nathan Drake’s story. So, instead of waffling away, I thought I’d make my case as to why Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a game that should be in your journal.


First off, it’s more Uncharted

More of the cinematic third-person action-adventure series that we know and love. It’s been over a year since we last took control of Nathan Drake, and guided him through a journey of discovery and family while searching for the long lost treasure of Captain Henry Avery. During this time, few games have scratched the itch that Uncharted left – the sense of discovery and wonder as you traverse a populated city, filled with puzzles; the sense of accomplishment as you find something so intricate and beautiful that you have to take a screenshot and share it to Twitter instantly. Uncharted 4 did this wonderfully.

So, what attracts us to Uncharted? To me, it’s family. The performances from Nolan North, Emily Rose and Richard McGonagle had me feeling that I was going on this adventure with them. I felt part of the family, laughing along with the jokes and shouting at the TV when Nathan did unbelievably stupid. They are believable, down-to-earth and ultimately wonderful friends.

Yes, I know this isn’t Nathan’s story, but…

This is the first time we’re playing an Uncharted game without Nathan Drake, of course, that’s going to feel weird – but that still doesn’t mean that it still won’t have the Uncharted legacy and charm behind it.

This time, we play as Chloe Frazer (first seen in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves). Chloe became a fan favourite from day one, seemingly a love-rival to Elena but ultimately bringing both her and Nathan closer together.

This looks like Chloe’s first outing while taking the helm. In Uncharted 2 she was hired by Nate’s old friend Harry Flynn to help find the Cintamani Stone, however, it appeared that she was also on Nate’s side trying to stop Harry, and the main antagonist, Lazarević from finding Shambala. Playing both sides of the coin as you will. She’s a fantastic character, strong and independent. Unlike Nate, she’s not afraid to blur the lines of what’s right and wrong. She’s driven, able to hold her own but more importantly, she’s fun and a unique.

In an era of strong female lead video games, she’ll be able to stand out.

Ok ok, I’m sold. Who’s Nadine?

Nadine is a brand new character to the series and it’s unclear whether we’ll be playing as her during the game. As she’s making an appearance in the game, it’s safe to assume that the game’s events take place after Uncharted 4.

Nadine and her team of mercenaries were hired by the main antagonist, Rafe, during Uncharted 4 to help stop Nate and Sam. During Uncharted 4, Nadine betrays Rafe and walks away from the job which she and her team were hired to do. In the Lost Legacy, we can see that Nadine is still a gun for hire but she also is out to prove herself and her worth.

While there appear to be no links between both characters I’m more than happy to find out where this story takes them.

The ‘Open World’

The Uncharted series has never been known for its ‘open worlds’, opting for more of a linear and direct approach to guide the players to the next objective. Uncharted 4 seemed to buck the trend a little and opened the environment a little more than usual. Allowing each area to seem vast, while still keeping that objective firmly in the player’s sight.

From reading and watching the previews and coverage coming from events recently, it seems like Naughty Dog are going to expand on this further. Still opting for a linear experience, but opening the area’s up even further, allowing for players to tackle side quests and objectives any order – interesting 🤔 While this isn’t an ‘open world’ experience, it definitely feels a lot more like a ‘sandbox’ approach, something Naughty Dog has never done before.

In summary

IMO, IGN’s Andrew Goldfarb sums it up brilliantly in his preview…

“… just a taste of sandbox-style gameplay has me excited to see what else Naughty Dog has up its sleeve. The Lost Legacy clearly has plenty of new adventures in store for Chloe and Nadine, and I can’t wait to play more.”



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